In recent years, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives have taken center stage in the corporate landscape. The rise of ESG is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental shift that’s reshaping how businesses operate and engage with the world around them. As more companies recognize the value of ESG, the question arises: How can GMax Tidal Energy be your partner in achieving your ESG goals? Let’s explore 25 eye-opening statistics that underscore the critical role of ESG and how GMax Tidal Energy can help your company make a lasting impact.

ESG Adoption Across Industries:

88% of publicly traded companies, 79% of venture and private equity-backed companies, and
67% of privately-owned companies had ESG initiatives in place by 2020.
77% of small and mid-caps have a formal purpose statement related to ESG.

Value of ESG:

80% of the world’s largest companies report exposure to physical or market transition risks associated with climate change. Climate-related weather events are projected to cost businesses $1.3 trillion by 2026. 76% of consumers say they’ll stop buying from companies that don’t prioritize the environment, employees, or community.

UN SDGs and Business Opportunities:

Placing the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the core of economic strategy could unlock $12 trillion annually and create 380 million jobs. Over half of the revenues of the largest US and global companies are derived from activities supporting SDGs.

ESG Investing:

ESG propositions positively impact equity returns 63% of the time. ESG-mandated assets might constitute half of all professionally managed investments by 2025, amounting to $35 trillion.

Global ESG Mandates:

The number of ESG reporting provisions by governmental bodies has surged 74% in the last four years. Nearly 400 reporting provisions exist in 80 countries studied.

Challenges to ESG Adoption:

CEOs consider it their personal responsibility to align ESG policies with customer values. While companies excel in some ESG metrics, room for improvement remains, particularly in governance and social issues.

ESG and GMax Tidal Energy:

As companies strive to integrate ESG principles, the partnership with GMax Tidal Energy emerges as a strategic avenue to meet and exceed these commitments. With the commitment to harnessing tidal currents for clean energy, GMax Tidal Energy directly addresses environmental concerns. Moreover, the far-reaching social and economic impacts of embracing renewable energy align seamlessly with the social aspects of ESG.

Harnessing Tidal Currents for Environmental Impact:

GMax Tidal Energy’s innovative technology taps into the power of tidal currents, offering a predictable source of clean energy. With 200 companies signing The Climate Pledge, committing to net zero carbon years ahead of schedule, GMax Tidal Energy’s contribution becomes evident. By supporting the transition to renewable energy, your company actively participates in addressing climate-related risks and lowering its carbon footprint.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

The statistics highlight the correlation between high ESG scores and employee satisfaction. Organizations with strong environmental performance boast ESG scores 14% higher than the global average. GMax Tidal Energy’s commitment to sustainable energy fosters a culture of social responsibility, contributing to your company’s ESG objectives and enhancing employee engagement.


The ESG revolution is well underway, offering benefits that extend beyond the bottom line. As companies of all sizes embrace ESG initiatives, GMax Tidal Energy emerges as a key player in helping you meet these demands. By collaborating with GMax Tidal Energy, your company not only fulfills ESG requirements but also drives positive change, from reducing environmental impact to enhancing employee satisfaction. It’s not just about meeting ESG goals; it’s about shaping a sustainable and prosperous future through meaningful action.