GMax Locations

Gmax Tidal Energy Units can be located nearshore, providing riparian lease revenue sources for local authorities. These optimum locations offer swift grid connections enabling expedited permit approvals. The predictable and increased water current at bottle necked locations, are ideal conditions for Gmax Units.

Larger bodies of water, offer dynamic and effective locations for GMax Units 3-5 miles off shore.

Changing weather patterns, and hurricane Sandy in 2012 proved a need for new ways. GMax energy units could be brought to pre-determined sites, providing electricity after catastrophic storms. Deal structures can include leasing, sales, and maintenance  by GMax to Private Industry, and Government use.

GMax Tidal Energy units, in modular configurations, can generate utility scale electricity near shore, and off shore.
This will provide an efficient means to help power Towns, Military bases, Private Industry, and Cities. Tidal current charts at NOAA, show water currents exceeding 5 knots in many locations throughout the USA coastline.
Government commitments from COP21 bring awareness to the renewable energy movement, worldwide.
Department of Energy and private industry have started serious initiatives  toward tidal energy because of its predictability.
A harbor buoy chart shows channel markings for navigable vessels entering a local body of water. The sides of these channels provide optimum locations for GMax Tidal Energy Units. Riparian leases can be offered to private and public entities to place units at these locations. GMax is planning to sell the electricity at competitive rates to fossil fuel energy.
GMax Tidal Energy units can be placed near existing Dams. The grid connection of the Dam is a significant benefit for GMax carbon-free electricity.
Remote river locations in rural areas provide excellent locations for Gmax Tidal Energy units. The potential for community opposition is minimized due to GMax’s Earth Friendly design, and our “out of sight, out of mind” theory on it’s placement. As with all locations listed on this page, GMax would provide long term careers for employment, Manufacturing, and maintenance.