We are pleased to announce the final approval to launch The GMax Tidal Energy New York Pilot Project. As of June 10th, 2024, a Nationwide Permit has been issued for the pilot project location & potentially additional locations.

This is indeed a significant milestone for new utility scale clean energy initiatives, especially in the context of contributing to the environmental benefits and clean energy output for New York City, New York State, New Jersey, and the USA as a whole.

GMax Tidal Energy represents a cutting-edge 100% carbon-free electricity and (HIPP) peak power storage system that harnesses tidal currents to generate the electricity. The pilot project aims to establish a nameplate electricity output value for future 0-5 mile near-shore grouped locations starting at 150 Megawatts each. Ongoing pre-feasibility1 locations are presently being selected within the USA that would provide predictable utility-scale electricity in concentrated areas within the footprint of 2-3 windmills & at only eight feet above the waterline, which cancels out all “high impact foundations, and line of sight, or sound, or light flicker” obstructions.

The project has garnered approval from 15 specific authorities across city, state, and federal jurisdictions, highlighting its thorough examination and acceptance in terms of operational harmony and combined environmental benefits. This support underscores the project’s potential to deliver substantial clean power through innovative technology that meets US Department of Defense Technology Readiness standards.

Led by founder and CEO Paul DiMaggio, GMax Tidal Energy is poised to commercialize this technology within the USA, and then possibly globally, starting with the construction of the first “floating self-powered data center.” Additionally, the technology promises applications in desalination and hydro-integrated-peak-power storage systems, as well as potential power purchase agreements.

As the project moves into commercialization and revenue generation phases, it aims to become the lowest-cost clean energy provider in the USA, further solidifying its role in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

This approval marks not just a step forward for GMax Tidal Energy but also for the broader adoption of clean energy technologies that are crucial in addressing climate challenges and promoting a sustainable future.