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What Is GMax Tidal Energy?

GMax Tidal Energy is a new kind of renewable energy system. Harnessing the power and predictability of ocean tidal currents, GMax generates sustainable, carbon free electricity at utility scale levels. See the “GMax Tidal Energy / Operations Video link” to get a visual introduction on this new innovation.


Using patented Linear Flow Technology, GMax allows for uninhibited water flow through the vessel. Here’s how it generates electricity:

Ocean tidal currents pass through the vessel, where they produce high levels of torque. The torque powers two permanent magnet generators, which harness electricity through a proprietary system.

The power is swiftly transferred to land through a grid connection. Unlike other forms of renewable energy, the power output from tidal currents is reliable and consistent, as these currents are predictable as far as 100 years into the future.