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GMax NFT Rewards

Purchase of 1 GMax NFT from the: “Launch Collection”

An NFT owner of the “1st Launch Collection” gains whitelist access to new consecutive collections coming up, such as the “2nd GMax Founders Collection”, “3rd GMax Research and Development Collection” and “4th Clean GMax Tidal Energy Collection, and Pilot Project Collection” Pricing for future collections is TBD.

A GMax NFT owner gains access to the 1st priority whitelist for purchase of carbon offset NFT’s when consecutive GMax collections are issued. Pricing for future collections is TBD.
Prove your commitment in supporting clean energy technology. A GMax NFT “Launch Collection” owner is permitted to use the GMax logo on their emails, with a backlink to the GMax site (If corporate or personal desired). Companies and individuals can validate their efforts as ESG “proof of authenticity” as a “Supporter”of a new way in generating100% Clean Energy.

The 1st “GMax Tidal Energy NFT Launch Collection” is planned to have a total of 200 individual NFT’s issued. Pricing for each NFT will vary based on the properties and characteristics.