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Company Information

Pau DiMaggio

Pau DiMaggio


An entrepreneur leading day to day operations toward GMax Tidal Energy commercialization and profitability.

Angelo Pengue

Angelo Pengue


A proven operations expert, leading vendor performance, scheduling, requisition dynamics and logistics for ‘as built results.’

Mark Walls

Mark Walls


A Skilled engineer, leading all aspects of GMax design, characteristics, 3rd party analysis and finished product approvals + review Naval Architects of Record: Entech Designs.

43 Group Members

Each committed to a specialty. The GMax Project requires highly trained and experienced people in singular aspects of each phase. Please inquire for a list.

Advisory to the core group and minority shareholders:

Alan Herbst: Energy Industry- Utility Scale Advisor
Amit Patel: Deal Structure Analyst and Advisor
Carl Valentino: Executive Project Management Advisor
Edwin Yuan: Creative Advisor

Contact For Inquiry

Paul DiMaggio CEO
123 Seeley Avenue
Keansburg New Jersey 07734
Phone: 917.291.5703
Email: pdimaggio@gmaxtidalenergy.com
Website: https://www.gmaxtidalenergy.com
Follow Us: https://www.twitter.com/@GMaxTidalEnergy