Tidal energy


GMax Tidal Energy is a carbon free system of producing electricity, powered by predictable tidal water currents.

Linear flow technology is a new method designed to convert water current, into electric current 

Each modular unit is designed using a floating stage method

Each modular unit to date, (5/5/16) can be scaled from 2 - 4.3 Mega Watts of electricity

Visual height profile is less than 30 feet, from the water line

This project is at Technology Rediness level 6, progress ongoing

GMax overall system is environmentally benign to aquatic species and does not contact the Ocean floor to produce electricity.

GMax Tidal Energy is designed for locations with water currents that range in 1-7 knot predictable tide cycle speeds.

Throughout the United States, ideal locations will include near shore, off shore, inland Rivers, existing Dam portals, below bridges, and waterway channels in salt, brackish and fresh waters. This system does not require a "fixed foundation". 

A scalable design can include permanent modular units, temporary power units, or customizable options.

GMax Tidal Energy system is not a turbine. Units can be built depending upon the area, budget, or capacity of electricity required, 

Modular configurations, with numerous in line units, can be constructed for larger scaled GMax Tidal Energy locations

25 units, and up will produce 75-100 Mega Watts of predictable #CleanEnergy aprox 12-14 hours per day

Estimated at $6mm - $10mm per Mega Watt furnished, and Installed with a 30 year + life cycle

There are 2 GMax #CarbonFree Engines per modular unit. These engines are supported by a connecting structure upon a deck which activates vertically, rotund, and horizontially. This design action enables the GMax Engines to be maintained top side, and safely on deck. This design eliminates costly long term underwater maintenance challenges with sea bed contact methods. GMax Units will be designed for a 30 year plus life cycle, when maintained to specified standards.

When cycled into the multi-directional tidal current, GMax will produce electricity based on the predictable speed and direction of a tidal current.

Mobility is incorporated into the GMax Tidal Energy design, allowing ample space for uninhibited water flow, and unobstructed clearance from the ocean floor. Electricity is generated top side, DC direct through a proprietary system, allowing for a swift  land based AC converted grid connection.

GMax Tidal Energy is a less expensive option to conventional means of generating electricity. The potential meets and exceeds existing standards at a significantly lower operating cost - method to produce carbon-free electricity.

GMax Tidal Energy uses Linear Flow Technology. This configuration is a new innovative system that harnesses the emmence power of Ocean Tidal Currents  into a high rate of torque, exeeding 150,000ft lbs. This not not a Turbine driven sysem. 

Two, Permanent Magnet Generators are Specificied from "The Switch" - 1000L Model, per GMax unit. The "Switch Company"  is based in Finland, with global reach. They have a strong reputation, with proven results in the power plant space, and Industrial Marine apllications. 

The mission of GMax Tidal Energy, is to deliver carbon free energy costing less than conventional means, without subsidy.

Carbon awareness has prompted Concerned people, Scientists, Educators, Policy, Nfp & Fp Corporations, Federal and Military auspices toward commercialized carbon free power  programs.

A GMax Tidal Energy system powered by tidal current that does not require fossil fuel is in great demand worldwide. We are offering applications of interest for strategic partnerships, and equity stakes. 

Please contact us for additional information, and a presentation package. 

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